Objectives of facilitation for the WSF 2022


OBJECTIVES OF THE MEXICAN FACILITATING GROUP FOR THE WSF 2022 (as presented and commented on in the assembly of September 4)


The WSF 2022 in Mexico respects the WSF Charter of Principles and from this spirit carries out its construction.




A.- Towards the global process of the WSF


Consolidate, promote and participate in self-organized dialogue processes that propel alliances, projects, action initiatives that be interconnected at the national and international levels, in which common global agendas are built, that achieve emancipatory and counter-hegemonic influence, and there be advance in the construction of a global subject.


Specific objectives:


1 – That the WSF be a permanent process, especially regarding its global external impact.

2 – That it be a process with greater articulation of: visions, initiatives and commitments.

3 – That these initiatives achieve greater unity of action that be reflected in common global agendas, both short-term and long-term.

4 – That these agendas achieve an effective counter-hegemonic emancipatory incidence, that enhances their capacities to achieve it.

5 – That in the WSF, there be advances in building a global subject from a fabric of alliances and articulations.


B.- Towards the impact of the WSF in Mexico


Define initiatives before, in and after the WSF in Mexico 2022 with short, medium and long-term goals that allow articulating global agendas in Mexico from a geopolitical perspective, in connection with Latin America, North America and the Caribbean, with priority in Cuba and Haiti. Contributing to national organizations, nourished by these processes, be contributing to the various regional dynamics in which the WSF has a presence and in which the various oppressions in the world are expressed.


Specific objectives.


1.- That Mexican organizations disseminate to other organizations and movements the principles, advances and challenges of the meaning of the forum in Mexico and Latin America.


2.- That the organizations carry out dialogue processes with different actors from the region and the continent, from which alliances and joint action initiatives can be built.


3.- That the organizations, movements, collectives, unions, and other participants of the WSF 2022 in Mexico and other forums articulate actions for active solidarity, and regional and global incidence.






The participants in the WSF respect, as a common reference, the WSF principles that describe:


– what and how is the WSF


– what are the values, goals and generic actions of the organizations and people participating in the WSF space/process/event







The activities visible in the join.wsforum platform, either in the process before the event (registration open), or in the event FSM2022 (registration not yet open), show ARTICULATION for DIALOGUE, with the following functions:


intensify reflection, carry out a democratic debate of ideas, prepare proposals, establish a free exchange of experiences and articulate effective actions


(WSF principle 1)


The initiatives visible on the join platform describe a diversity of lines of ACTION over time assumed by a diversity of ARTICULATIONS of participating organizations in 2022 and 2023

Initiatives are struggles, campaigns, common agendas, practical alternatives, for resistance, affirmation and construction of alternatives for another possible world.


They are described with action plan goals and up to 3 public action dates of all kinds that feed a calendar of actions of the organizations participating in the WSF

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